Sunday, 7 August 2011

Colour Code

With the Moonah exhibition looming in September I decided to revisit my motivation for making this range.  It all started because I was given a seed pod by my art teacher Deborah Brearley who advised us to go into Victoria Park and take a look, as it was all about to change.   I went back the next day and took a camera.
Colour is ingrained in my memory of these trees and not for the reasons you might think.  The ribbons tied to the trunks denoted the tree was to be felled.  When? That depended on the colour.

The presence of bright latex and resin serves as a reminder to me that the hand of man is imprinted here.  It's a sharp contrast to the organic silver casting.  In fact, the bright colour seems out of place...Just like a pink ribbon on a tree perhaps?

Victoria Park (video)


Nayna Shriyan said...

While the felling of the trees is truly a sad reminder of how much the damage the hand of man has done over the years, the fact still remains that nothing will inspire us more than the beauty of nature. Your work is proof of this fact. I loved the way you have interpreted the buds, not like a plastic ribbon on the tree at all but rather a reminder to leave the ribbons off the beautiful trees :)

Sue said...

Love working with organic material from Mother Earth.
Love what you did, and the story about the tree.
Very lovely.

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