Monday, 6 June 2011

Slow and Steady

So my big idea to make a ring from the Moonah castings was nearly a disaster. 

My out of practice soldering was not a pretty sight.  In frustration I tried fusing the join and it worked, although my third attempt ended in a puddle of molten silver.

To top everything else off brilliantly, the rings were all too small, even for a child.  So, not a great day, but I still enjoyed every minute.  I felt like a kid in a sandpit playing with my toys. 

Today I approached the ring differently.  I used the planishing hammer which gave me more length.  Not prepared to be defeated by the soldering, I took my time and made the two ends meet perfectly before attempting to solder.  It worked like a dream. 

Slow and steady wins the race.  I even managed to stretch the rings I made yesterday using the planishing hammer on the mandrel.  So I feel like I'm now making a piece of jewellery that has some character.

I like that the organic texture is obvious on the side of the ring.  It could be worn on it's own or in a group of two or more for added drama.  


Anonymous said...

I like the collage thingy at the top

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful, growing up with the moonahs, I have an affinity with them. I know how they make me feel, and your rings resonate the same feelings..very well done.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about mistakes is that you’ll never repeat it and will perfect any technique you are up to.
I loved your design!

Anonymous said...

I am glad others have “bad solder days”-after 15 years doing this I still have them too!
love the result

Anonymous said...

I like the design and it wasn’t a failure – you learned how to make small rings – ha ha.
Look upon it as perfecting the design. The next “real” ones will go much smoother.

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