Tuesday, 27 September 2011


A surprising piece that evolved out of the Moonah collection is the little bell. It kind of marries where I am now with where I was 12 years ago.  The bell's body is actually half of one of the pods I designed for my major piece at London Guildhall (see Gallery).  

I was looking at Kit & Caboodle the other day & had to take a snip of the page below.  12020 photos sorted by most popular and 4 pictures of my bell appeared on page 1.  Now, I know since I broke my rib my head's been a bit hazy with pain killers but...I'm going to take that as a good sign!


Cate said...

Hey, thanks for posting your pictures to K&C. Glad you like to see them featured. For the record, I love your gumnut rings.
I read your gumnut post. its interesting, personally I have found the whole making jewellery studio thing quite isolating too, which is one of the reasons I havent really managed to work out the whole post uni art jeweller career as yet, (perhaps a collective studio is what is needed next).
When I started Kit and Caboodle, I was studying, but didnt know much about aussie contemporary jewellery, I blogged a bit and couldnt find websites of the jewellers, the idea was to promote aussie jewellery. But now, a few years on, it seems to me that it is that human connection that is more what K&C is all about.
anyhow, just some ramblings from me.

Suzanne said...

Yes, human connection is so important especially when you don't work in an environment where you have a group of people to provide feedback. There is a lot of criticism aimed at bloggers but I don't think the critics appreciate that point. To be featured on Kit and Caboodle was particularly significant for me because of the high calibre of work displayed on the site. It really was a compliment. I also make a point of telling people when I admire their designs for the same reason...Feedback. Keep up the great work with K&C. Do you have your own studio now?

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