Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Steep Learning Curve

With a solo exhibition looming in February I thought I'd revamp my Moonah Stand exhibition catalogue with more current work.

I really didn't need to do this but I wanted to go through the process of learning how to make an eBook. My catalogue seemed like the perfect project.  How wrong was I!  Nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems.

I went with 2 options:  Blurb and Amazon.  
Blurb iBooks are only for Apple so I don't know how the book below will look when converted.  I can only hope it will appear similar on an iPad.  The advantage with Blurb is the option to order a hard copy.  

With Amazon I have looked at previews till my eyes are blurring. The fact that eReaders can be altered to any setting means the book will look different on everybody's Kindle no matter what I do.  Basically I went with my best previewed version.  It may not be perfect or look as slick as Blurb but all the information and photos are there. The added bonus is links to appropriate websites, as well as having a content index.  

So, for better or worse, my first attempt at online publishing:
Now I've done all the backbreaking work I'll be able to teach this to others.  It was one steep learning curve though!  If it was to be done commercially, you'd need a lot more time than what I had to finish this project.


GetSilvered said...

The catalogue is fantastic. A great job of showcasing your wonderful work. I enjoyed reading about the Moonah and it's contribution to your inspiration and collection.

By the way the book looked great on my non-apple laptop.


Oh wow Suzanne
you are so clever...I had no idea you can do somehting like that LOl....then again I still have no idea how to caste stuff. Well done to you. Hey do you teach how to caste??? When my shoulder heals(thanks for the well wishes) I would love to learn that some place.
Annette in the nrth of Oz

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