Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Baby Steps

It all started when I thought I'd create a file that could be printed with a desktop printer.
My very rudimentary rings feature my name subtracted from the band. Even though I know they would not print successfully, I thought I was clever to have gotten that far! I have to say when I uploaded my thoughts to the MOI forum I was politely given a very nice alternative that I could try...Flow!

What a great idea to raise the letters following the curve of the band. However to achieve this started me on a CAD journey I never thought I'd go on.  Yes, I have been up late at night on the forum being guided in baby steps by some very patient experts.

Eventually I learnt to UnwrapCurve and use the Flow command as you can see from the screen shots below:

One baby step at a time...I am looking forward to the point when I can cast one of my CAD creations and get myself back into the workshop.  Be warned, this is an addictive pastime when you have a project in mind!

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