Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Mummy Magnet!

In the run up to my opening I was working late in the laundry and my 11 year old son came in and asked:  "I'm bored, what can I do?"  Sound familiar?  Well, several things sprung to mind including, go to bed!  Tempted as I was to say that, I just knew he'd go in and turn on a computer game.  Oh dilemma!

All thoughts of good mothering and tucking him in bed went out the window and I said: "O.K., if you want to be here, you have to help out."  He agreed and to keep him occupied I got out my silver scraps and a hammer and set him the task of making little tags.  He then hallmarked them.  I was mindful that my neighbours might not appreciate his enthusiasm with the hammer. Seeing me polishing rings, of course he wanted to do that too, so I let him...minus the polish.  I got him using brass brushes, both at the sink and on my pendant drill.  He could see the instant results and just loved it.

I'd just finished a new pod ring so I gave him a go at hallmarking that as well.  He didn't do too badly.
Because he'd worked on both rings pictured above plus the fact that the evening is burned in my memory as special, I haven't taken the rings off since!  No, they weren't included in the exhibition.  I just couldn't bring myself to sell them. Talk about bad business person!  However, what these rings represent is priceless to me.
I captured a bit of it on video and I just laughed as he shook his head as if to say...Mum...Not the camera again!


Michael Johnson said...

I remember the first thing that my dad gave me to do to kill time in his jewelry store was to hammer out a small piece of gold as thin as I could. I also remember the lady who worked the counter telling my dad that, that was a horrible idea, and she kept taking pills as I kept up the ding, ding, ding, LOL.


Hi Suzanne
I am so glad your dipslay went well.I REALLY love your silver work and if I had a laundry I would steal it as my art room too LOL.Loved hearing about your kids...all three of mine have played with my stash at variuos stages...prescious memories.Thanks also for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment too...small thing compared to you but a big step for me.
Annette Husband

Deborah Brearley said...

Can't beat working with the kids.

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