Saturday, 5 November 2011

Wax Fairy

I decided to put my Mummy Magnet status to the test.  I went to the kitchen and started doing the dishes, loudly! No takers.  Then I called: "kids I'm doing the dishes" and in my mind's eye I had a flash of them running, in slow motion, to my side with the words...can I help?  Not to be!  Oh well, it seems they are selective with their magnetism and I'm suffering from a huge dose of wishful thinking.
A similar thing happened with the jeweller's wax I mentioned in the Tools of Engagement post. I expected them to go crazy over it, especially with their track record for destroying candles.  It was not the case.  My pile of goodies lay on our dining table for over a week just adding clutter to the decor.
One night I abandoned the family to do some video editing and when I emerged a couple of hours later it was as if the fairies had been.  Like the tooth fairy, I was left a little treat. They found manipulating the wax addictive, once they got started. 

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