Monday, 5 December 2011


To get myself out of the doldrums I decided just to play and make for me, no agenda, enjoy the process.  I looked around the workshop and copper wire was beckoning me.  I love working with copper so I decided mix it up with the silver and liked the result.  Mad as it may seem, instead of stopping there and having a pendant I attempted to turn it into a pair of earrings.  This is good in theory but it's twice the work plus there is no way to match them 100%.  I could have used stock ear wires but I decided to make my own as it can be an integral part of the overall design.  What you see is where I stopped.  These are not polished.  I like the evidence of the hammer, files, pliers, fusing, etc.  So while technically, I have left them unfinished, because they look good being rough around the edges, that in itself is their finish.  I hope that makes sense!  My warts and all earrings.
Just as I was taking photos of my work my daughter breezed in, picked up the earrings and said: "Mum, these are really awesome!"  I had to confirm her reaction by looking up current definitions and here are a couple of options I found:
  1. Impressive and frightening. So impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong feeling of admiration or fear.
  2. Extremely good. Informal extremely good. This word is used mainly by young people.
I realise option one could go either way so my pick is option two and I'm sticking with it!  Not sure my daughter realised, but she made my day.

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GetSilvered said...

Your daughter is right - they are awesome!
To receive offspring praise like that is high praise indeed :)

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