Friday, 9 December 2011

To Market To Market

Although I love going to markets and getting lost in all the goodies, I never imagined I would do it myself. The only experience I've had was helping my daughter have a go last Sumner at the Queenscliff Market.  She did a brilliant job dealing with people...Not my strongest point!
This time next week I will be putting my work out for all to see at the new Queenscliff Arts and Craft Market.
For the market I've been pottering in the workshop and lightening things up a bit with colour.
My art teacher would be horrified if she knew the beautiful paints we used for colour studies are being put to good use in my rings. I never really was any good at painting so this is the best of both worlds, for me that is.
I realise I'm unlikely to sell much at this market but I have to say the whole experience has introduced me to some amazing ladies.  My place in this community has broadened as a result of participating.  The danger, of course, is that I spend up a little too much myself!  With Christmas around the corner I've got an excuse.  So if you want to catch some extraordinary hand-crafts and you just happen to be in Point Lonsdale on Friday the16th, pop into the Point Lonsdale School Hall for the QUARC Twilight Market.  Not just a market, it's an event!

1 comment:

Christie said...

Can not wait to see your gorgeous creations at the twilight market on Friday. The rings are beautiful.

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