Sunday, 15 April 2012

Back to Basics

On the final plinth in my exhibition, the last one before the exit, I displayed things a little differently and it caused quite a stir.
I have used pegs in my workshop to prop up rings while the resin dried so I decided to use them as part of my display.  After all, my workshop is called The Laundry so why not pay homage to that!
I also snuck in the bracelets I'd been working on as a technical exercise. People loved them.  I underestimated that those who come to an exhibition such as mine actually value the craftsmanship that goes into seemingly simple pieces.  It was another homage, this time to the early works of Georg Jensen.
I intend to do more simple pieces to fine tune some of my basic skills.  My 11 year old son asked what I would be calling this new "body of work" and all I could reply was my Back To Basics range.  I really have to remember that children are sponges and take everything in!

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OMG Suzanne
I love the pegs on display with your gorgeous work...I use them like that too LOL. Thanks for comment regarding my puffy heart took me ages to nut it out but I got there in the end and learnt alot along the way. xxx

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