Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fine Tuning

No, I haven't vanished off the face of the planet, just had a Blog break while I returned to full-time study, as you do when you turn 50!
I also had a break from my course (Graduate Diploma of Applied Learning) and have been swanning around Europe with the family.  Not all play time though as I did work hard while I was away.  I stopped off in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter and did a polishing course.  I certainly learned first hand the meaning of Applied Learning.  After a short introduction we got straight down to the work of polishing. Fantastic, just what I hoped would happen!  Real experience using our own pieces, and then some!

I have to thank Jamie Hall for putting me onto this course in the first place.  He did a good interview with Stephen Goldsmith and that's what gave me the idea to attend.  Stephen certainly worked us hard and the work was dirty but we learned, we learned a lot!
I thought my bell was well polished before I started but I have to say the camera doesn't lie and I was shocked at the difference!  Very rewarding to see a piece finished properly.  I'm looking forward to setting up the workshop to accommodate my new fine tuned polishing skills.

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Hi Suzanne
good for you regarding your deserve it. I'm turning 50 in November too :o)

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