Saturday, 5 January 2013


Spending most of 2012 studying a Graduate Diploma meant that my production consisted of essays rather than pieces. That is OK though because I knew it would be eight months out of my life.  The problem at that level of study was, however, that my laundry became a place to wash clothes again.  

Even though my studies have finished I have been procrastinating about getting the tools out.  What gave me the push I needed was my daughter:  "Mum, I'd like to make my best friend a pendant in your laundry?"  I gave her permission as long as she came up with a design to work from.  Call me picky but I think it is a good thing to teach the proper process...beautiful things don't just happen!  So her A turned into an AME designed so it would hang sideways.  I was so proud of her working though to what turned out to be a very funky design for a teenager. She has a lucky friend!  

Knowing how tricky sawing can be for the uninitiated I was prepared to guide her through.  "No Mum, I know how to do it."  It hadn't occurred to me that she did this in wood tech at school.  I stood back and watched in awe as she talked me through how she would saw the shape, including piercing the hole for the A with the pendant drill, then off she went and did it!  She was really pleased with herself and got so excited she hadn't broken a blade that, of course, she did...right at the end.  I hate to think the number of times I've done that!  It was then she revealed that in wood tech she broke 22 blades and was over the moon that, for this project, she'd only snapped one.  I then got her to stamp 925, and in recognition of my newly acquired polishing skills, she wanted me to polish.  I didn't let her off the hook though and made her do at least the first two abrasive rounds before I finished off.  
What did I get out of this exercise other than the knowledge that she was having screen free time?  She inspired me to get back to what I love doing.  I am also very aware that I am being watched, by my children, and that when I am in the Laundry, I may be inspiring them a little also.

On a practical note I have to get into town and buy more polishing gear so I can attempt some of the beautiful finishes that I learned in Birmingham.

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